Home visits

Welcome to our Eye Test At Home Page

To make an appointment with Ellerker Home Visiting Service please call 07949 169806 to arrange a time and day that is suitable for you.

Stephen Ellerker has been improving access to eye care for the elderly now for many years. Testing eyes at home is very straight forward when using the right equipment. Mr Ellerker has all the latest equipment for conveniently testing your eyes at home.

A lot of the work we do is for the elderly and housebound, whom often worry that it will be complicated or require a lot of input from our patients. In fact with the latest equipment it is very straightforward for us to test eyes with the minimum of questions and fuss.


“You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is, so pick up the phone to make an appointment when you are ready, and where necessary we can arrange to update your glasses for clearer vision within your price range.”


Whatever the reason, even if you have broken your existing glasses, we can arrange to come and see you to get you up and running with your new prescription glasses.