Opening Times


Dear Sir/Madam,
I attended your shop on 1st June 2015 and once again was very well treated - by kindness and care.
I am writing to express my admiration for your staff and to draw your attention to the qualities of your employees.
Were I not satisfied I would write a letter of complaint but I am a very happy patient.
Keep well.

Thomas M.


Dear Alex, (Dispensing Optician)

I thought I would let you know how pleased I am with the varifocals you had made for me. I find them easy to use, and after having struggled to see properly for a considerable period of time, I am delighted to have a pair of spectacles that I can use for all distances.
I also wanted to thank you for the excellent and highly professional standard of service you provided, and to let you know that I am enjoying both pairs of spectacles.

Thank you very much indeed.



Janette Kros


Dear Mr Ellerker, (Optometrist)

My belated thanks to you for your initial diagnosis of Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy.
Without your help it is doubtful that I would ever have regained my sight.
Should this happen again in the future with other patients, I would urge you to pass on to them the website of the on-line UK support group, who are so knowledgeable and helpful.


Terry Walker