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Tell Me About OCT

The OCT has become an invaluable tool for opticians. With a quick scan it allows us to view your eye from a completely different perspective. This means we can more accurately assess the health of your eyes.

What does it do?

The retina is the mostly transparent layer at the back of the eye that captures the image we see.

OCT or optical coherence tomography uses tuned light to measure how thick the retina is. It does this hundreds of thousands of times to build up a 3D picture of the retina.


OCT image small.jpg

Why have an OCT scan?

OCT is perhaps most useful in detecting age-related macular degeneration and deciding between the two types; wet and dry. We can detect subtle signs earlier and make better referrals with the information the OCT gives us. OCT can also be useful in the diagnosis and management of diabetes. There are many other conditions that OCT can investigate.

At Ellerkers we are committed to your eye health and have been performing OCT scans since 2011. Private eye examinations include an OCT scan as standard. There is an upgrade cost of £35 for NHS eligible patients.


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