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Your Eye Examination

Your eyes are precious. 

At Ellerker Opticians we understand this and it is our privilege to help you see as well as possible. 

The Optometry team believe that whatever your NHS eligibility, you should receive the highest quality of care that we can offer. This is the extended eye examination. 

Our extended eye examination is a longer appointment, giving you the opportunity to discuss all of your concerns, issues and requirements in a relaxed environment. It also gives the Optometrist the time to conduct a comprehensive and personalised examination.

Ellerker Opticians have always invested in the latest equipment, and we have recently added an Optos Ultra-widefield scanner to our hospital-grade range of tests, which includes Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), applanation tonometry, iCare tonometry (no puff of air required!), and Henson Visual Fields. OCT and Optos imaging are not available under a basic NHS sight test. Click here to find out more about OCT and Optomap.


Both Iain and Tom hold higher qualifications in Optometry and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in their field to ensure they make the best use of our equipment.


Private patients receive an extended eye examination as standard, with a fee of £63, or £43 if you're under 40.


If you are entitled to a basic NHS sight test (including children), then we are delighted to offer the extended examination at a reduced fee of £40 for over 40's and £20 for those under 40.

Extended Examination

Basic NHS

Consultation time

Sight test satisfying NHS requirements

Optos Ultra-widefield Imaging

OCT scan

All tests performed by the Optometrist

Online appointment booking

40 minutes

20 minutes

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